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WhatsApp Messenger for iOS (Whatsapp for iPhone)  is a free instant chatting and messaging app for iPhone.

WhatsApp Messenger for iOS is considered one of the most useful and attractive messaging applications for iOS smartphones. WhatsApp Messenger uses 3G or WiFi (if available) to send instant messages to friends and family members. In addition, users can switch from traditional texting by SMS to WhatsApp Messenger to send and receive text, images, audio notes, and rich-content videos.

The new version of WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone offers users great incentives – one free year of use compared to the previous $ 0.99 price.

Note: Users can back up their WhatsApp conversations on the iCloud cloud service. Visit the WhatsApp settings> chat settings> chat backup and tap the Back Up Now button.

Download Whatsapp for iPhone


Why should we use WhatsApp Messenger for iOS?

No hidden costs

Once you and your friends download this app, everyone can use them for unlimited chat with each other. WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone allows you to send millions of messages per day to your friends for free. WhatsApp Messenger uses 3G, EDGE or WiFi Internet connectivity (if available).

Multimedia message

WhatsApp Messenger allows you to send short video clips, images and voice recordings to your friends’ WhatsApp and contacts in your phone book.

Group conversations

Experience group conversations with numbers in your contacts. Add or remove team members, change group themes and set up a group icon.


Set up a profile picture to show for your entire contact.

No international charges

Like no adding the cost of sending international e-mail, users will not have to pay extra fees for sending WhatsApp messages to other countries. The app allows you to chat with friends all over the world if they also install WhatsApp Messenger on their phones. This feature reduces the cost of international SMS messaging.

Say no to a PIN and username

Why do you have to take time to memorize your PIN or username? WhatsApp Messenger only works with your unique phone number, like using 1 number to send SMS, and seamlessly integrates with your existing phone contacts.

No sign-in or sign-off required

You do not need to worry about logging out of your computer or other device. With push notifications utility, WhatsApp Messenger always works and connects you with the people.

No need to add friends list

Your address book will be used to automatically connect users with contacts. Numbers in your contacts are automatically displayed in Favorites if your WhatsApp Messenger is installed on your device, like a friend list in the chat software.

Send an offline message

Even if you miss a push notification or turn off your iPhone, WhatsApp Messenger will still save your messages offline. Users can read the news the next time they launch the app.

Many attractive features

WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone also allows users to share places and locations, exchange contacts, customize app wallpapers, customize notification sounds, rotate landscape mode, and time stamp for news. Send text messages, e-mails, instant messages, and multimedia to multiple contacts at the same time … and much more are waiting for you to discover!

Users can contact the publisher directly via the email address iphone-support@whatsapp.com or the official Whatsapp website, Twitter fan page to send feedback, questions, or suggestions for new features. later version.


WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone will work with all iPhone device and network providers, but may limit access to some providers. If you are using a wireless network provider not supported by Apple, check the FAQ section to update your Internet information.

WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone is a calling app so it does not support iPod Touch or iPad. But you can install Whatsapp for iPad follow the instructions: Install Whatsapp for iPad

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